2022 Color Trends for Living Rooms

by Alice Ingrosso on May 29, 2022

2022 Color Trends for Living Rooms

In order to choose the right color combination for your home, it is important to consider all aspects. These living room color trends will inspire you to make your living rooms more modern. 

Although many styles have become a popular trend in interior decoration, we often forget that we only want a simple and cozy style that makes us feel at ease. It is important not to get too complicated.

There are many warm, calm colors that will be used. They range from soothing pastels to tranquil blues and greys. This creates a peaceful base for decorating our homes. However, there are also more vibrant color tones to add color and joy to our lives. This is a great combination of neutral colors with bright accents.

Here are some color combinations and ideas that you can use for 2022.

Shades of Green

Numerous paint companies already have their predictions about the colors that will be used inside the home. Green has been a favourite color for many seasons, and it will be for many more. These are the hues of green that will continue to be in use for 2021/2022.

Sage green

This color is used frequently. It is a neutral, dull, pastel color that can be mixed with gray. It creates a calm and peaceful environment.

A more saturated shade of color is also being used. This color looks great when used on one wall.

Green foliage

It is used extensively in interior decoration. It brings out a lot more positivity and freshness.

Bluish green

Another stunning shade of green is mixed with blue to create a beautiful and elegant combination in the surroundings.

Bright pastel shades

A "playful" color scheme can be added to your living space with colors like Minion Yellow, Lime Green, and Blue. A large abstract print is a great way to showcase these wonderful colors.

Burnt Orange 

You can also decorate with burnt orange combined with wine, pink, brown, or other earthy colours to create a vibrant living space.

Orange and blue. These colors can be used to give your living room a warm and inviting color.

Blue living room colors

This elegant palette combines blues with pleasant shades of chocolate and cream tones. This palette is for you if you love classics such as natural materials, wood furniture, wool, velvet, and dense textures. This palette is always in style and can help you design your perfect living space.

Neutral Tones

You think neutral color schemes are boring? You could not be more wrong. Although neutral living rooms can be peaceful and relaxing, they can also have a lot of energy and life. You can use a variety complementary tones and mix materials to create patterns, just like with any other color palette.


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