5 Gallery Wall Ideas to spice up Your Living Room

by Alice Ingrosso on Jun 28, 2021

5 Gallery Wall Ideas to spice up Your Living Room

Bored of your plain living room and your dull empty walls? Then it is time to spice up your living room with modern wall decor. With the popularity of art prints on the rise, displaying artwork in our homes as an expression of your personality is made even easier with Gallery Walls.
So, whether you are an interior designer, a fashionista or an art lover, your living room walls is your blank canvas ready to be personalized. If you are seraching for ideas yo transform your living room then check out these decor tips.

1. Use floating racks to add character to your blank walls.

For a minimal look, emphasize the size of a large artwork by adding accessories. Layer up your art work and photos with different sizes for a completely styled finish.

2. Create a Bespoke Gallery Wall.

A gallery wall is the quickest and simplest way to revamp your living room, no matter your budget or space. They're enjoyable and stylish - and there are limitless choices to create the perfect gallery wall that will reflect your personality. It's all about self-expression. 
If you intend to have a more curated look start by choosing the color palette, keep your pieces similar in tone as well as intensity.

Begin by placing your largest art prints first. If you have a small gallery wall, locate your biggest art print in one of the 4 outer edges. 

If it's a larger gallery wall, locate it off towards the center, in this manner you will create a balanced gallery wall.
For a wider wall, you can also fit up to 10 art prints,having a greater choice of gallery wall designs to select from.
Displaying multiple framed prints in various sizes is best way to create a Bespoke Gallery Wall.

3. Add a Mirror to your Gallery Wall.

The best thing of mirrors is that they look lovely. Furthermore, they reflect light so well that your living room will certainly look more spacious. Adding a mirror to your gallery wall  it is a contemporary option that will fill your living room with character.

4. Add some Texture.

A gallery wall is not only made by art prints and posters,it's a combination of different decor objects that will cohesively fit together. You can hang on straw hats, handwoven tapestry, plates or embroidery hoops. 

5. Add some color to your wall.

In addition to showing decor objects on the walls, consider enhancing the walls themselves. You can opt for a bright or neutral color to create an accent wall or you can simply add a wallpaper.

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