Gallery Wall Styles

by Alina Stoian on Jun 10, 2022

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It can be difficult to transform a blank wall into a gallery wall. There are many things to consider, from choosing the artwork to framing and layout. There is no right or wrong way to hang gallery walls. In the end, wall art should be beautiful and express your personality! Here are four gallery wall layout styles, along with the design principles you can use to plan and achieve each style.

1. Minimalist Gallery Walls can be clean and simple, adding a sense of peace and calm to any room. They are a focal point for a single piece of artwork or a complementing pair of posters. To create a minimalist layout use:

  • Use a small number of art prints to create a great pair or trio. Check out the Gallery Wall Ideas to see more examples. 
  • White Space - For a clean and minimal look, use the art prints with "negative" space or larger white areas.
  • Color - Choose a color palette for your gallery wall to create a cohesive look. We love bright colorful wall art prints as they can give life to a room otherwise neutral.
    2. Grid Gallery Walls are timeless and easy to use as centerpieces in any room. Simple layouts with all sides aligned to create balance and simplicity. A grid layout is a perfect choice if you want to display a collection of photographs or art prints of the same kind (line art prints or abstract art prints). 
    Grid-style gallery walls are based on proportions and symmetry. This style suits modern interiors or spaces with a minimalist or formal aesthetic.
    3. Axis Gallery Walls style is more flexible than a grid layout. The prints can be aligned to highlight a feature of your room or create a cleaner line. For example, you can align the bottom edges of the art prints on a gallery wall to highlight details such as the living room sofa or wall details.  
    This style is more dynamic than symmetrical. 
    4. Eclectic Gallery Wall - An eclectic gallery wall can be used to display keepsakes, photographs, or wall art. It is beautiful and practical. This is a more casual style that combines different art types, techniques, and colors. t is important to understand how each piece interacts with the other in order to master this style. Some call it the salon style.

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