How do you layout a Gallery Wall?

by Alice Ingrosso on May 29, 2022

Gallery Wall Layout how to

When planning the layout of your gallery wall, keep these tips in mind.If you have a plan, you'll be able to get the best results, so before you start nailing into your wall, make sure you do this:

1. Place the largest wall art first

Position the large art prints in the center of your gallery wall. Next, you can fill in the gaps between large sizes of art prints with smaller ones.

2. Mix vertical and horizontal wall art

Your gallery wall should be an asymmetrical grid. You want to make sure that your art is spaced and varied in its orientations.Do not place too many art prints of the same orientation together.

3. You can arrange art prints with similar dimensions, colors, and art styles.

If you have several art prints that are the same size and style, place them throughout the gallery wall one next to each other,

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